The shedding season

In this article we take a look at what to do and what not to do when a dog sheds. Which dogs shed? All dogs with a double coat. Just think of a golden retriever, bernese mountain dog, border collie, german shepherd, etc...
Which dogs don't shed? These are dogs with silky hair, such as maltesers, shih tzus, poodles, ...

A double coat consists of a layer of guard hairs and a layer of undercoat. The guard hairs serve to protect the dog from its environment and will shed all year round just as we lose our hair.
The undercoat serves to insulate the body temperature, these are the hairs that the dog loses en masse during the shed.

When double coated dogs are shedding their winter coats, many owners are looking for ways to keep the hair in check around the house. When we go to the store we see so many different tools, from brushes to combs and rakes to special gloves.
But not all of these products have a positive effect on the coat or can be used for all coats.


Sweet Pyra

After having to live in a puppy mill for 7 years, Pyra found her forever home with owner Sofie.

Due to her previous living conditions, Pyra was very traumatized, but thanks to the love and encouragement of her new owner and her new Pekingese best friend Babette, she is already a lot more confident.

She came to Sam's Trimhouse a few times before to get acquainted with the grooming salon, because this can sometimes be a lot to handle for such a dog.

Now it was time for her first haircut.

She was super brave and allowed everything, even though she was sometimes scared.

Little by little I hope to gain her trust so that she can come to the grooming shop without stress.

I'm already proud of her. ☺



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Assortment of grooming tools

Do you wish to buy the correct tools for the 
maintenance of your dog but don't know what's right?

Feel free to ask for help in the salon and we will help you on your way.
This way you will be sure that your purchase is tailored to your friend.
We also sell a basic range in the salon.